Public opinion canvassed then promptly ignored, people who question wind energy branded as cranks. It could just as easily be Ireland but it’s not, its Slovenia. Same issues, different country.

At the beginning people´s opinions were really divided; some of them were for turbines (mostly landowners), others against. At the beginning almost everybody was for it because it was claimed to be green energy and everybody who was against it was immediately labelled as a nuclear lobbyist or an old-fashioned person.

But recently the situation has changed; more and more people are becoming aware that this »GREEN ENERY« would destroy everything. However, some people are still afraid and hence do not want to expose themselves because of the possibility of job losses, etc.

Some land is owned by state, but the majority is of the landowners. In one village there are people who are terrorized and manipulated by the chairman of their agrarian community. And in fear they signed everything. On the other hand in other villages there are some people who believe they will get a lot of money and are therefore for wind factories, no matter what, but once again, in all those villages the majority is against it. Of course there is a bribe as well. The promoters for turbines went from house to house, from person to person bringing gifts and speaking sweet promising words. Together they established a Civil Initiative FOR WIND FARMS and collected signatures from some naive people, wrote a petition for turbines and took it directly to the Ministry for Infrastructure and Spatial Planning.


Poster on the house of one of the victim says: VE = NE (turbines = NO):

Discussions made so far and activities have shown that the residents of Senožeče and its surroundings constitute a great majority of the population who is against »The Park of Turbines of Senozeska Brda« in our region, which has also been confirmed lately by the results in a nonbinding, consultative, referendum. The local population has confirmed that the problems of wind park in our region represent a burning question to them by high voter turnout (64 %) of which 58.2 % voters were against »The Park of Turbines of Senozeska Brda«. We do not see the development of our region and establishment of new workplaces in setting up the energy industry zone with turbines, but on the contrary, in tourism development and its accompanying activities, where the natural richness of the countryside of Senozeska Brda plays one of the key roles in the successful development of this region.

The referendum which was held for or against turbines in the local community of Senožeče (henceforth LC Senožeče) was issued by the municipality of Divača (note Senožeče belongs to the municipality of Divača!). This referendum is by the statute of the municipality of Divača of the consultative status only.

The referendum was held in LC Senožeče only, because Senozeska Brda hills are located there. But the municipality of Divača council respected the decision of the majority being against turbines in LC Senožeče. Moreover, they decided against turbines in all communities of the municipality of Divača.

The government, however, ignored the fact that the majority voted against turbines. The response was actually not by the government but by its Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning that the process of GP goes on. That means that the preparation of Environment Assessment is in an elaborating stage. Then the public will have again right to give their opinion. Environmental Assessment is paid by the investor. In practice this means that the result will be positive for the investor.

Structure of the Ministry:

Energy Directorate and Spatial Planning Directorate are the competent part of the Ministry (besides the Minister himself) to carry on the project Senozeska Brda for the investor VEPA LTD ( was established specially for the wind farm project.

Below is their plan for us:


Written by:  Katrina Dea Zetko & Tomaz Ogrin.