A funeral for citizens rights, will be held at An Bord Pleanála’s office on Thursday 9th April at 11am.

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An Bord Pleanála are using the threat of huge legal bills to bully community groups who oppose wind or grid projects. This is a denial of access to justice for citizens and in clear breach of the Aarhus convention. The European Commission is currently investigating these issues. It is actively preparing a case against the Irish Government  on access to justice on environmental matters. However,  An Bord Pleanála carry on regardless, arrogant in the confidence that they will have delivered for Government before the European Commission investigation takes hold.

One third of the nine-member board of An Bord Pleanála (ABP) have direct links to the wind/renewable industry while the former Chairman of ABP is now head of Eirgrid. The potential conflicts of interests of three members of the Bord are alarming and call into question the impartiality of decisions being made.

Additionally, An Bord Pleanála are also ignoring a raft of European directives on environmental protection. A measure of this failure is that 75% of all wind applications in 2014 are now in the high court. Behind each one of these cases, is an entire community under duress, terrified that they will be forced to live in the shadow of pylons or wind turbines.

Groups now believe that An Bord Pleanála are merely a mechanism for forcing through this government’s flawed energy policy where, in return for a spend of €13 billion, it seems we will have one of the highest electricity prices in Europe, achieve minuscule savings in CO2 emissions and fail to reach our 20/20 targets.

A protest will be held at An Bord Pleanála office in Dublin on Thursday 9th April at 11am to highlight these issues.

Bad policy and legally corrupt institutions have wreaked havoc on Ireland in the recent past. Communities are demanding a complete halt to all wind and grid developments pending a full investigation of An Bord Pleanála and the flawed energy policy that they are imposing on the Irish people.