Now you know we haven’t gone away Minister

We told you; Ministers Coveney and Naughten, that we are not going away and after a demonstration outside the Dáil from constituent members from 22 counties, you know we are not. Our protest proves that Wind Aware Ireland is, from small beginnings now a national movement. We are not dilettantes or contrarians but are instead a national movement of independent hard working citizens who believe in virtues such as dialogue, respect and protecting communities. Wind Aware Ireland is not prepared to tolerate the scenario where rural Ireland is turned into a wasteland or a sink-hole for experiments with wind-power technology. Our concerns are science based and raise real economic issues.
To be clear … again … we want an energy policy that can
Secure community support confidence and trust
Effectively tackle the issue of climate change
The current wind-power strategy is a failed political and economic experiment. This policy is an abysmal failure as it fails to do what it was set up to do. To date the 1400 turbines, built in the teeth of community resistance, has saved about 3% of our overall CO2 emissions.

Some of our opponents have tried to characterise us as a basket of Deplorables. We are in fact realists. The real Deplorables are the political elite who continue to take the easy option of supporting the roll out of industrial wind in their energy policy & enable big wind developers to force these monstrosities on local landscapes solely to benefit themselves.
We also intend to challenge the hypocrisy of politicians who make comforting noises to their constituents regarding individual local projects and accept the self same policies once they reach the sanctuary of the Dáil.
For example, hear Fine Gael chief whip Regina Doherty state “Industrial wind turbines are not suited to be in the space of… any rural landscape” …

(7.28mins from start)

… while her governments’ white paper on energy states “if we are to reach our 2020 renewable electricity target, the build rate of onshore wind farms must accelerate from an historic average of 180 MW per year to at least 250 MW per year”

Wind Aware Ireland is not unreasonable on this issue. All we want, before rural Ireland is covered by a spider’s web of turbines, pylons and cables, is evidence based proof that wind can reduce our CO2 emissions in any meaningful way.
A winter of discontent is spreading across the country on the disconnection between politics and the people.
We await with interest the proposals of Denis Naughten that will end the current breach of the government’s promise to produce definitive planning guidelines.
Unlike his Dublin based predecessors who knew not what they did, Minister Naughten, as the first rural minister in charge of our energy policy has a unique responsibility to protect rural communities and families, some of whom have been forced from their homes by noisy wind turbines, including his own constituents Michael and Dorothy Keane.

We are sure he is wise enough to live up to his promises.
He knows after all that Roscommon hospital furore better than most what happens those who don’t.